It is the mission of Blue Jacket, Inc. is to provide training and opportunities to anyone with a barrier who is striving to earn gainful employment. Our commitment and dedication to this mission do not end when you complete and graduate our Career Academy.

In September 2016, Opportunity Staffing was rebranded as Blue Jacket Staffing.  

Presently, we have requests for:

Office Management - Clerical
Construction Laborers
Soon Hiring for Landscape Technicians
Environmental Services
Food Prep and Hospitality

Blue Jacket Staffing

Trust takes time and effort to gain back.  Blue Jacket Staffing is our in-house alternative staffing enterprise that helps provide transitional and career-based placements with area employers.  Blue Jacket Staffing is self-contained, charging the employer for our services, meaning that we will always be around for an employer to use our job placement service - and not government nor grant funded.

If you are a Blue Jacket client, and as you continue your pursuit of a career, not just a job, we are here to assist you for life!  You have proven through your actions that you are serious, and you have developed a rapport with staff that will allow us to make trusted recommendations to employers. 

But you have to call in and enroll into Blue Jacket Staffing.  Utilize our professional networks and receive assistance with writing résumés and cover letters as you pursue a long-term career.

"Opportunity Staffing has provided us with some of our best employees; they have great attitudes and a willingness to learn. I’ve often said I wish I could bottle up their enthusiasm to pour on all employees. Opportunity Staffing sends me candidates faster than the other 2 agencies I work with. They pre-screen the candidates quicker and get interviews set up in a very timely manner."  - Ginger (a local HR manager who hires Career Academy graduates via Blue Jacket Staffing)


To enroll in Blue Jacket Staffing, you must be a Career Academy graduate!

Looking for an opportunity?

If you are a Career Academy graduate wanting to apply for Blue Jacket Staffing, contact Jennifer Harvey via email jharvey@bluejacketinc.org or call (260) 744-1900.